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How We Make REAL Connections...

We have flexible options that allow you to pick and choose the level of service your business needs. 

We provide what we ​know to be a perfect ​balance of Free and Affordably Priced Paid Services that will help you gain the awareness and reach that your business deserves!

​Our Website Works for You!

Local Listings -

We provide listing services for your businesses to be able to accurately display who and what you are on a deeper and memorable level.

Our listings are far from ordinary as they allow you to have COMPLETE control over the amount, and type of content you are wanting to share with your customers.

We make sure these layouts are aesthetically pleasing to view and detail oriented where locals can get to know you clearly and effectively. Unlike other listing services, ours will never be filled with annoying and distracting pop-up competitor ads.

​The focus is entirely about your business and the user experience. Like with most of our services, we allow our businesses to select the level they feel would fit them the best. In this case, we provide 3 different levels, as well as, monthly and yearly membership options.

Promotions and Deals -

We create a local promotional and deals page where businesses can advertise ​their recent promos to gain more visibility to their ideal customers.

​Each business will have a custom campaign created for their specific needs. Not only that, but we do something NO OTHER advertising business does...we give you the customer leads that are delivered from doing these type of promotions with us.

That is unheard of and worth its weight in gold! Why? Because being these people who show interest in your promotion will most likely be interested in future promotions which means you will be able to reach out to them at a later date turning them into repeat customers.

Local Events - 

We have also built out a local calendar that allows you to promote your local events as often as you'd like. 

​We have multi visual layouts of our events. It is ​formatted as a calendar view, list or as a gallery but all organized by specific categories making it easy for users to search by what their main interests are.

Again it's all about the user experience. Your event's can easily be added by you through a simple submission form or if you prefer to set up where we do the work for you. You choose!

​Landing Lead Pages

​The most important pages you can create out for your business are landing pages that specifically direct your clients to your service or product and connect you with them.

​Without these in place you have been missing out on the most important variable to your online presence. If you have no way of capturing your ideal customers to be able to lead them to your services there honestly is no point in being online and all other efforts are done in vain. Lucky for you, we know how to create effective pages to do exactly this... capture your customers information to be able to reach out to them directly.


​Add Events page ​is completely free for our Platinum listing members to be able to utilize at any time in the duration of their membership! ​​Add as many events that you'd like to our calendar page as often or as little as you need to.

​***Local QC Find Now Business Member​s also receive huge ​DISCOUNTS on any additional services you decide to add on with us... saving you hundreds of dollars​!

​Social Media Platforms

​Facebook & Instagram -

Every day we re-post​ on behalf of what our local businesses are sharing. ​We have already had ​several businesses benefit from this free service.

​Our QC businesses ​gain valuable new local visibility they would have otherwise miss​ed out on. These currently are all random selections as we come across them on a daily basis however, we are now providing guaranteed shared post slots that can be for daily, weekly or monthly options to be re-posted directly on our feed for a small fee to cover our time and work done (​with an option to having professionally created posts designed specifically for you). This is a simple way to help expand on your online marketing efforts to help get a very targeted local reach for your business.​

F​​REE Hashtag System -

Did you know you can place your Instagram posts DIRECTLY TO OUR WEBSITE....FOR FREE...even to our homepage for that matter!

​Yes, we have up towards 24 different hashtags that we use that ​will place your ​Instagram posts ​to our site automatically! How amazing is that?! ​The only thing that is required is that you don't abuse this service by hashtag stacking and only use the ones that truly matches your post type....as those that do abuse this can be banned from being able to use it. So far we have been lucky to not have to do this.

​​Social Media Management - 

Do you not have time to post every day as you should? Did you know posting multiple times a day is ideal to be able help insure your posts get seen.

But who has time for that especially when you're busy trying to run a business and do the things that you do best. Could it be that maybe you don't have your ​social media profiles set up yet? We can help! We have a team that can ​have you set to have something posted 1-3 times a day every day if you'd like. ​Leave this time consuming task to us. Let us know your specific needs with this and we'll come up with the perfect plan for you!

​​Instagram ​Splash Page

For profiles less than 10,000 followers IG does not allow workable direct links in posts with the swipe up feature.

This can be frustrating for businesses especially when ​wanting to redirect a customer to a specific product or service.

Here we can create out a simple and effective landing page in place of your ​one allow bio link​. Here a person is immediately directed to a selection of options they can then choose ​from clearly and effectively. Give them clear choices of your top link out to what your customers want to see first.

Feel free ​to take a look at ours and see it in action ​Click Here ...​
These landing pages are also designed to track how well each link is performing so you'll know which are your hottest links and what your customers are wanting to know from you the most.

For only $100/year...we only ask is why do you not have one of these installed yet?

​​​Messaging Bots

We are currently​ implementing some of today's hottest technology by ​installing ​Messaging Auto Responder Bots​ ​to our pages. 

Along with some other cool setups to immediately redirect users to Business Listings, Promotions, Events ​quickly and simply. We also will be getting into creating these automated bot systems for our clients as well to help ​simplify your customer service on your Facebook Page. Be ahead of the curve and get one before your competition does!

​Laser Focused Ad Campaigns

This is possibly the most important part of the entire equation! Your online platforms are useless if they are not getting any traffic to them. You could spend 20 grand on a website have the best landing pages in the world and still not get any business from it if there is no vehicle ​set up to get people's eyes on what you've created. 

In order to do this, we use the power of Facebook Ad​s. There is simply no other type of advertising that can dial in and target the people that want your products or service the most. ​All successful Facebook Ad Campaigns requires 3 major components to be done properly.

They are as follows:
- ​Captivating Video​ or Images

​- Attention Grabbing Body Copy or ​​Enticing ​Offer ​

- Specific Targeted Audiences that are Tested for Conversion

Mess up on any one of these areas you ​will literally be throwing your money right out the window. This is why Boosted Posts are Never the answer...Because you are not leveraging the power of ​setting an ad or post to hit specific points that are required to ​target your specific audience. ​You may get great reach or even great engagement but it will not ​necessarily mean it is placed in front of people that need or want your services. Much like a billboard you have no control over who is seeing your ad. 

With this being said no matter how ​much of an expert one is with setting up these kinds of campaigns, this is not a one and done kind of scenario. They require extensive amount of daily testing and maintenance to create a campaign fine tuned enough to become scale-able and produce ROI that is about getting larger Returns than investment...to which then the only variable becomes how big you want to go with the campaign ​determined by ad spend alone.

In fact the BETTER and More ​precise you are with your Ads the more Facebook rewards you ​by drastically cutting your costs in ad spend. We know because we've done this... as low as 3 cents a click through rate instead of 20, 30, 40 cents. This may not seem like a lot but it adds up with the hundreds and thousands of click you gain with your ad. ​

We have invested an extensive amount of time and money on software and courses to be able to leverage the powers of these kinds of campaigns. As much as they are powerful they can be pricey because of the amount of time required to run these ​ad sets.

  1.  Master Large Business Campaign Service -
    We can work with you to create a winning campaign that delivers real results. ​We start by meeting with you to go into details of what you are looking to achieve as well as learning who your targeted audience is. From here we will create and maintain a campaign guaranteed to deliver your results.

  2. Making it affordable for all -
    We recognize the fact not all business will be able to fit in the type of campaign mentioned above however we have come up with a very specific solution that makes this same type of service affordable for any sized business. Contact us to know more about how we go about doing this for you and your business!

  3. FREE -
    We provide an ongoing campaign for our own services and ones that specifically promote our listings, promotions, events, featured businesses and meal plans...which means any business that lists with us is ​gaining ​from our own advertising for ​no additional cost and directly benefit​ from our own marketing efforts!

​Want to know how to get started?

​We understand there is a lot to take in with our services however our team is available to work with you one on one to go over your needs and come up with the perfect solution ​that can be form fitted for any sized business on any sized budget. 

Connect with us today so that we can start putting something together for you and get to know your business on a 101 level so we can best serve you and your business needs!

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