Thicc Kitchen’s Weekly Meal Plan
By: Tori McGeehon

December 31st – January 4th 2019

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Figuring out what to make for dinner every night just got easier! I know everyone dreads the question, “What do you want to eat?” and a reply of the classic “I don’t care, what ever you want…” and the back and forth bickering until eventually one person gets what they want and the other is left to mosey on with the choices the other made.

Let’s skip that tiring argument and take a look at all the craving-satisfying meals I have planned out for you this week…

You’re welcome.

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New Years Eve Cheese Platter
Don’t serve your New Year’s Eve guest crappy frozen pizzas that have been collecting ice in the freezer for 3 years. Don’t feed them stale chips or pretzels in the deep depths of the cabinets, & please leave out the bland cheese and cracker kits shoved in the deli cooler at the grocery store. This year, let’s wow your guests and show them that you really care and are a STAR in the kitchen. You can do this by simply pairing beautiful ingredients together that are efficient and easy finger/pop-in-your-mouth foods. Of course, all of these choices are up to your discretion, and that’s whats fun about putting a cheese platter together. Just be creative and have fun with it!

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THE SEXIEST CHEESE PLATTER THIS SIDE OF TOWN Honestly no shame in how proud I am of how this turned out , by far prettier than me even … WHAT YOU WILL NEED TO SLAY THE CHEESE TRAY GAME: . Colby cheese . Smoked Gouda .pepperonis or salmi of choice . Prosciutto .chips .pretzels .carrots .cucumbers . Roasted red pepper hummus . Mixed nuts . Bagel chips .roma tomatoes sliced . Wheat crackers . Water crackers . Peaches and honey .brie cheese . Green olives . Mozzarella balls mixed with basil paste HOW YOU PUT THIS ISH TOGETHER : Basically act like you Picasso and place all of your meats cheese and crackers on a pretty serving tray , tiny dishes are optional, and boom a bomb a** charcuterie … NOW PUT THAT S*** IM YOUR MOUTH AND EAT IT Thanks as always @torimcgeehon #foodie #food #foodporn #foodblogger #instafood #igfood #foodlove #foodgasm#eating #goodeats #eats #chef #cheflife #kitchen #thicc #bloggerlife #blog #bloggers #dinner #feast #foodphotography #nom #cheese #meat #veggies #charcuterie #tagtheqc #quadcities #fruit #nuts

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New Years Day Recovery Soup
Day 1 of more than half of the United States population’s start to their “New Year, New Me” diet. That being said, I’d imagine that yesterday you would have pigged out on numerous snacks and high calorie drinks. Feeling gross, groggy, and maybe a little hung over, I chose something a little lighter for the stomach! I could have chosen a salad, the classic diet meal, but this soup is going to give you many more benefits for that post-New Year’s recovery.

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CHEESY CAULIFLOWER SOUP ( serve with sour cream, cheese, & green onion ????????????????) RECIPE: 2 heads cauliflower 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 large red onion 3 tbs garlic minced 6 cups water 2 tsp poultry seasoning 3 tablespoons salt 1 teaspoon garlic powder 1 teaspoon pepper 3 tablespoons butter 4 tablespoons flour 1 cup milk 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese HOW TO PUT THIS ISH TOGETHER Chop cauliflower, in a large pot get the olive oil , cauliflower, garlic, & onions going , once they start to cook down pour in water, poultry seasoning, salt, pepper, & garlic powder & let simmer In another pot melt butter and whisk in flour, let cook for about a minute whisking constantly and the pour in milk KEEP WISKING, once you feel it start to thiccen pour into soup mixture Dump cheese into soup and stir Let soup come to a boil and serve ! NOW PUT THAT S*** IN YOUR MOUTH AND EAT IT Thanks as always @torimcgeehon #cauliflower #soup #cheese #warm #hearty #veggies #vegtables #recipe #chef #foodie #foodblog #foodblogger #blog #blogger #qc #qcfindnowfoods #quadcities #tagtheqc #davenport #iowa

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Winter Pear Salad
As winter depression really sets in, as we try to make it out of the cold months starting this new year, I tried to bring a little more positive feelings into the situation. How so? By using beautiful, in-season winter pears. Not only will the flavor from the perfect, ripe pears have you feeling all sorts of joy, but enjoying a light refreshing salad and maybe some left over cauliflower soup from the day before sounds like a perfect winter meal for me. Don’t worry if you don’t think this salad will fill you, throwing some grilled chicken or bacon into the recipe is a great addition!

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????WINTER PEAR SALAD ???? ( love pears ??? Well this is the perfect salad for you ) RECIPE: (2 to 3 salads) 1 bag ruby blend lettuce 1 to 2 pears 1/2 cup dried cranberries 1/2 small red onion 1/4 cup sunflower seeds (or chopped almonds, walnuts **i’d prefer almonds) 1/2 cup grated Parmesan (dressing of choice: poppy seed) HOW TO PUT THIS ISH TOGETHER Sooooo this is a salad ….. chop everything as thin as possible and toss together, adding grilled chicken to this salad will surely make it a great dinner meal or left alone = light calorie/light lunch! NOW PUT THAT S*** IN YOUR MOUTH AND EAT IT Thanks as always @torimcgeehon #salad #greens #winter #wintermeal #lettuce #healthy #pears #pear #cranberry #lunch #dinner #health #foodie #foodblog #foodblogger #blog #blogger #qcfindnowfoods #qc #quadcities #davenport #iowa #tagtheqc

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Light Avocado Chicken Sandwich
Assuming we haven’t already given up on our, “New Year, New Me,” I chose a classic chicken salad-but with a healthier twist. NOW, NOW… if you don’t like avocado then please close this page…. okay, just kidding.. but I do feel sorry for your taste buds. Anyways, swapping out avocado for plain Greek yogurt is a good replacement for fat. If you’re wanting to really cut some calories or carbs, you can also toss out the bread and try using a nice romaine leaf as a boat to carry the yummy goodness to your pie-hole!

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AVOCADO CHICKEN SALAD SAMMIE I wanted something good/fresh/&fast so this is the outcome ???? RECIPE: .3 avocados thicc mashed .1 rotisserie chicken .1/2 lemon juiced .1/2 cup cilantro chopped .1 tbs fresh chopped garlic .1 tsp pepper .3/4 tsp salt .1 tsp garlic powder . Bread of your choice toasted . Tomatoes and spinach optional . I used Brie cheese (at the time I was hard core craving it ) I think a Gruyere cheese would be good too HOW TO COMBINE THIS MESS : Again I feel like a lot of my recipes are self explanatory, obvi deconstruct your chicken and mash with avocados and add all of the ingredients up until the bread (obvi????) I just made sure it was well incorporated but I still wanted some healthy chunks of avocado , I was planning to add red onion as well but I forgot , it was great without it but I wouldn’t be apposed adding it the next time (only down fall) ANYWAYZ NOW PUT THAT S*** IN YOUR MOUTH AND EAT IT???????????? Thanks as always @torimcgeehon #foodie #food #foodporn #foodblogger #instafood #igfood #foodlove #foodgasm #foods #eating #goodeats #eats #chef #cheflife #kitchen #thicc #issa #bloggerlife #blog #bloggers #chips #dinner #feast #foodphotography #nom #chicken #avocado #sandwich

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Garlic Mayo Veggie Sammie
Let me first start off by saying that even though this is a veggie based sandwich, you won’t be sorry about giving this a go. This sammie is JAM PACKED with flavor all thanks to garlic mayo and a beautiful paring of veggies. Again, if you are looking for a bit more protein, you can add a nice smoked turkey or maybe you still have some Christmas ham in the freezer! Both would be a great addition!  But, again, you won’t regret this veggie sammie and maybe it’ll even become one of your go to quick and easy dinners…. it’s just that good… really.

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????GARLIC MAYO VEGGIE SAMMIE???? (You’ve never ate veggies a better way) RECIPE 2 slices of bread (your choice ????) SAUCE 1/4 cup mayo 1 tsp garlic powder 1 tsp dried dill SAMMIE 2 slice thicc cut Swiss cheese 1 handful ruby blend lettuce (or a spring mix NO ICEBERG) 1/4 green bell pepper sliced thin 1 thicc slice tomato 2 to 3 slices cucumber 6 to 8 red onion straws ( red onion sliced thin) IM NOT TELLING YOU HOW TO MAKE A SANDWICH … obvi stir sauce ingredients together and smear on bread and build from there NOW PUT THAT S*** IN YOUR MOUTH AND EAT IT Thanks as always @torimcgeehon #sammie #sandwich #sandwiches #veggie #vegtable #veggiesandwich #green #healthyfood #garlic #mayo #cheese #peppers #onion #salad #lettuce #food #foodporn #cheflife #chef #foodblog #foodblogger #blog #blogger

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If you’re like us, some nights there is just too much going on to find time to cook! On those nights, convenience takes precedence. That doesn’t have to mean you are giving up quality, though! We asked Tori for her expert advice on those days that we’re just too tired or busy to prepare a meal.

“Life is rough. I get that you won’t always have time, motivation, or brain power to keep running to the store, making dinner, or even thinking about a meal plan… thankfully, we have A TON of great places that do all that for you in the QC.”

Are you hosting a NYE party and don’t feel like having to do all the work that comes along with hosting AND creating dishes for your guest? Is your new year’s resolution something besides trying to lose weight or be a little healthier? Maybe it’s consuming A LOT more pizza? Oh, is it?? WELL PERFECT! If any of these are the case, or you’re just looking to expand your pizza horizons from the traditional, boring , and outright crazy expensive chain pizza places then you have come to the right place. I mean coming from a place they literally has branded the phrase “quad city style” I’d think we would want to branch away from Domino’s or Papa Johns, right? Honestly though, if you are planning on hosting a party and don’t feel like cooking, here are some of my favorite local pizza places that I think you really should make some time to check out. I mean don’t you want your guest to have a good time AND good food?!

As always, if you have any questions about my recipes or suggestions please reach out! Also, of course, let me know some of your favorite QC food-related establishments or anything you would like me to check out!!

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Thanks, as always,
Tori McGeehon

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