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Please try to have an event created on Facebook first so that all details will be shown there.
Please post if you would like this to be used as a contact email for the event post.
Please list all details of the event here including, dates, times, type of event, family friendly or not and anything you would like people to know about what is being hosted.
Please upload a single image that you would like to highlight this event with.

You are welcome to send in requests for your events to be added to our calendar here. ​​

​Keep in mind our business members do have access when logged in to be able to add events at any time that they like and as often as they like.

Please if you are wanting us to add your event...try to submit 2-3 weeks in advance at a time so we can do our best to get your even listed on to our calendar view! Thank you.

***Remember if you have an Instagram account your are welcome to add #qcfindnowevents for it to automatically show up here on this page...this is great for more urgent events and to post a couple days prior.