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It is our pleasure to introduce you to Sarah VanHorn! We found this local health foodie on Instagram. We noticed that she is utilizing some of the QC’s local establishments for her awesome health recipes and we thought it would be a great idea to connect with her! We hope to provide her with a platform to share her story AND her recipes!

You can find Sarah and her inspiring posts on Facebook, Instagram and her blog!

Next Up: Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie

Sounds scary, right?! It’s not at all! This smoothie is definitely unique, but you will soon start to crave it every day! These ingredients work together to pull the heavy metals we encounter every day, out of the body. Over time, these heavy metals oxidize in our systems causing inflammation and other problems to surrounding tissues. I never knew this to be true, but heavy metals can act like a feeding ground to bad bacteria causing a host of issues such as bloating, acne, brain fog, and hormone issues! Some heavy metals we come in daily contact with are; aluminum cans, foil, batteries, metal cookware, pesticides, herbicides, etc.

These ingredients work together to pull the heavy metals we encounter every day, out of the body.

What you’ll need:

Hawaiian Spirulina
Barley Grass Juice Extract
Wild Blueberries
Atlantic Dulse
Fresh OJ (or oranges)

I like to mix the Medical Medium recipe up making it into a smoothie bowl or you can go on to his website & copy the exact recipe. There is also an Amazon product page where you can view what he recommends! As long as you’re getting these ingredients in your system daily, you’re golden! Having this smoothie everyday, plus the celery juice is a mighty team for healing! Remember with these new recipes and healing lifestyle you may have detox symptoms. I still get some detox symptoms. It is just all part of the process. Healing takes time and all that build-up that happened over time must come out. What I have learned on this journey is even if you go backwards, you CAN always move forwards. With the auto immune label, our bodies were not designed to fight against us! I don’t believe that our bodies are self-destructive, I do believe our body’s want to heal it’s just very difficult in the world we live in to avoid triggers or toxins. So, let’s do the best that we can to give our body’s the nutrients to heal!

We, at QC Find now, appreciate Sarah sharing her experiences with us! We hope that her healing methods continue to take her in a positive direction. Stay tuned for some recipes from Sarah for you to try your own hand at holistic healing OR to just try some new healthy foods!

For all Sarah’s favorite local places to shop for ingredients, please follow THIS LINK!

Disclaimer: We at QC Find Now and Sarah, are not licensed medical doctors or any other formally licensed healthcare professional, practitioner or provider of any kind. You should not use this information for diagnosis or treatment of any health problem or for prescription of any medication or other treatment. Please read full disclaimer.

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