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MIVA Marketing Services Proposal

Proposal presented by: QC Find Now

Hello Morgan!

It was a pleasure meeting you, as well as getting to know your business and goals!

Here are services we have thoughtfully compiled for you, that we think fit what you’re wanting to achieve, after speaking with you.

All our services are broken down so you are able to pick and choose what you feel you are most comfortable with. We are of course, are more than happy to discuss any details of our proposal in full detail. Either in person or by phone if you like. Do not hesitate with any questions you may have along the way.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you in the near future!

Building Block Of Services

Below are blocks of services that we feel fit best for your needs. Because each is a piece of the overall goal that you'd like to achieve we can start with as few or as many blocks that you need to build towards the ultimate goals we discussed with you in person.You will notice there are two sets of prices. We provide a Membership Price and a Non-Membership Price. These VIBE MEMBERSHIPS are a MUST in our book! You get A LOT for so little and it saves you hundreds if not thousands on other services that we proved. You also get a listing on our page...access to our deals and events page and consulting services.

Social Media Managment (starting with IG and FB) $450 || $350

Our team will take over and will help by scheduling out your posts on a weekly/monthly basis. This price will vary as to how many posts you'd like done up for you. We will take your ready made posts and create the captions for each one. We will diligently learn your audience and speak in what fits your style and following. Frequency can be daily event which we recommend or as frequent or as few as you'd like. Price will vary to how often we are posting on your behalf and if we are creating out custom posts for you.

Two Day Video Shoot - $1980 || $1200

We feel that your feed and website could use some motion and personalization with video footage done by a professional videographer.We have spoken about a new header for your Facebook Page, and one to use for your Website, as well as a short video clip for your CBD landing page. Also if you are interested in doing the Ask Your Customer Question shoot we could do all in a days worth of shooting saving you the cost of doing all these at different times saving you money. Also these clips would work great for any advertising campaigns if you choose this as a service.[Header Video for Facebook and Website: $595 || $495] [CBD Video Clip: $595 || $495] [Commercial Shoot Ask Your Customers: $495 || $295] Separate Day at our home office: [Live and Local and Market Monday: $495 + $100 ($695) *We will do for Free*] [TOTAL of 5 VIDEOS = $1980 (only charging 1,200)]

Landing Ecommerce Page for CBD Products $995 || $695

Create a simple order page for your profitable CBD products. This will allow you to market it separately but make it quick easy and simple for your customers to purchase online and to a larger nationwide audience. This should have your header video and explanation of your products as well as testimonials and then a way for your customers to easily checkout and purchase their items with shipping options and a 3rd party payment system.

Ad Campaign Setup & Maintenance (HUGE SPECIAL) [Setup $2000 || $695] - [Monthly Maintenance $1000 || $350]

This is the engine that will drive very targeted people directly to your website for both your Miva boutique and CBD products. There is a lot of testing of ads that are involved to see which interests, graphics, body copy and custom audiences work or do not. There is a lot of maintenance in making sure every detail of the ad is working to it's full potential so that the cost of your Click Through Rates and Leads are at low costs and your results are high. This is normally a high ticket service because of how much work and how highly effective it is if done properly. It can work as a scalable piece and should be done in a matter which the more money you put into it the more money you get back. I am more than happy to compensate my costs for this because I would really love to create something that works for you well and see it in place to get you some awesome results!

Ad Spend Suggested Spend $300

This is the cost of what Facebook charges any advertiser to spend in running ads. I suggest a good starting rate is $10/day. This is what will fuel the working ad campaign machine that I work on putting together for you.

Additional Recommendations

Here are services we feel you would most likely align with in addition to the services rendered solely through us.

Basement Studio Consulting and Setup $200

Max is happy to work his magic and consult you on your space in your basement to create a studio space that he would recommend for you as per conversation. He will come up with a list of equipment to purchase and where to get the items as well as come back once items are in to set your studio up for you.

Your Investment

Please keep in mind these are all building blocks of what we can do and can be added on later dates and times.

Social Media Management (everyday post on IG & FB) Reg. $450/month
2 Video Day Shoots - 5 videos (regularly $1,980)
Landing Ecommernce Page (reg. $995)
Max Consulting & Setting Up - direct cost
Ad Campaign Setup (Reg. $1500) Maintainance After ($350/month Reg. $1000/month)
Recommended Ad Spend ($300 and up) Scalable with Growth -$10/day
Vibe Membership (per month)

Total: $3569

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