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Proposal presented by: QC Find Now

Hello Phil!

It was a pleasure meeting you, as well as getting to know your business and goals!

Here are services we have thoughtfully compiled for you, that we think fit what you’re wanting to achieve, after speaking with you.

All our services are broken down so you are able to pick and choose what you feel you are most comfortable with.

We are, of course, are more than happy to discuss any details of our proposal in full detail. Either in person or by phone if you like. Do not hesitate with any questions you may have along the way.

We look forward to the opportunity of working with you in the near future!

Building Block Of Services

Below are blocks of services that we feel fit best for your needs. Because each is a piece of the overall goal that you'd like to achieve we can start with as few or as many blocks that you need to build towards the ultimate goals we discussed with you in person. You will notice there are two sets of prices. We provide a Membership Price and a Non-Membership Price. These VIBE MEMBERSHIPS are a MUST in our book! You get A LOT for so little and it saves you hundreds if not thousands on other services that we proved. You also get a listing on our page...access to our deals and events page and consulting services.

VIBE MEMBERSHIP $129/Month *paid for the year or $149/Monthly payments

VIBE MEMBERSHIPS are a MUST Have in our book. We feel you will be astonished at the value of what you receive with everything you will get including our Premiere Business Listing and Specialty discount rates for any additional service you may choose for down the way with us. Saving of hundreds/thousands. You have the option to pay for the year which equates to only being $129/month and a total savings of $240/year or pay monthly at $149/month. We have a price point that any business can afford but the value you get from your memberships is like no other company you've worked with before.

Social Media Management $350 || $450 ***

Our team will take over and will help by scheduling out your posts on a weekly/monthly basis. This price will vary as to how many posts you'd like done up for you. We will take your ready-made posts and create the captions for each one. We will diligently learn your audience and speak in what fits your style and following. Frequency can be a daily event which we recommend or as frequent or as few as you'd like. The price will vary to how often we are posting on your behalf and if we are creating out custom posts for you. ***notice the price different*** Lowered price being the VIBE MEMBERSHIP discounted price.

Your Investment

Please keep in mind all of our services are considered building blocks of what we can do and more can be added on later dates and times to build on the foundation of what we create.

Monthly VIBE MEMBERSHIP ($149 if paying Monthly)
Montly Social Media Management

Total: $479

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