Here’s to 2018 being a great year!

Now, we get to start looking forward to 2019 and our goal and ambitions we hope to achieve! Kimber Brokaw gives her expertise on the topic and trust us, you don’t want to miss out! 

With January 1st being right around the corner, all the world is setting New Year’s Resolutions! The top 3 most common resolutions people set fall into one or more of these areas:
• Get Healthy/Lose Weight
• Financial – Save/Make More $
• Try Something New

Here’s the problem STATISTICALLY:
• 15% of people give up by February
• Another 47% give up by March
• Over 95% give up by November


Why would someone stay committed almost all year, only to give up in November?

Are you someone that falls within these statistics?
How has it felt for you?
Personally, I too have given up too easily – sometimes every Monday! What I’ve learned along the way is something that my friend Daniel K. Song says, “A NEW YEAR doesn’t give you a NEW YOU without a NEW MINDSET.”

So here’s the problem MENTALLY and EMOTIONALLY:

We’ve all been there. Each year we tell ourselves, “this year will be different!” But, we struggle to develop the habits to be consistent. We don’t see the results that help motivate us to stay committed, or we self-sabotage with doubt and “red light stories” that bring defeat.

Whatever the reason might be, I’m here to say you don’t have to face it alone. How about making this year different?! Imagine what it would look like to not give up this year!—IMAGINE!—What it would LOOK like!! Richard Brooke teaches in his book, Mach II with Your Hair on Fire, that you can achieve anything you can visualize! He says, “the positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible.” So, if your 2019 goals seem impossible, then I’d say it’s time to start seeing the invisible!!

And this is where what I do as a Discovery Coach comes in!

We all need support. Sometimes that support starts with discovering WHY we want to experience a transformed life; physically, emotionally and/or financially. Once we discover our WHY, then we can begin to envision the WHAT and HOW.

Let me introduce myself.
My name is Kimber Brokaw and with over 23 years of experience, I have worked with countless folks throughout my time as a Social Worker, Therapist, and most recently, as a Health and Discovery Coach. With my therapy background and my own journey of transformation, I coach people to discover their best self and to live a life of freedom.

My Mission is to bring freedom through health – Body, Soul and Spirit – because when we feel better, we do better!

Together we can accomplish our hopes and dreams for 2019!

Together we can create and feed a mindset that is strong enough to push through and create momentum!

Together we can develop the habits necessary to see results!

If you’re ready to GET SERIOUS about SEEING what you SAY you want in 2019, then you have some options:

1. You’ll want to join a group of us who are running hard toward our health goals for 2019 starting January 2nd!!! If this is you, act fast! You’ll need to be signed up by 12/31/18! And did I say there’s prize money to be won? Yep, I said it!!!! Email me and use QCFIND10% in the subject line and I’ll know you want to get 10% off the entry fee.

2. If you are one who doesn’t take action quite that quickly, or you have more questions about individual or small group coaching sessions, then contact me at [email protected] for an initial free consultation to see if working together is right for you this year. Just put QCFINDME in the subject of your email and I’ll know you found me here.

3. You can follow me on Facebook where I am going to be more active on my “Discovery Coaching with Kimber” page this year. I’ll be going live once a week and dropping content regularly that I hope you find helpful.

4. … and this really isn’t an option, but I guess you could do nothing and end up one of those statistics again for 2019.
P.S. Don’t choose this option. I believe in you!

Please connect with me beyond the horizon on Facebook here!


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