Welcome to 2019 ladies and gents! Did you make a new years resolution? Are you sticking to it? While you are working diligently to stick to your resolutions and better your lives in this new year, how about we add something to your list?!

New Year, New You?
This year, let’s go for:
New Year, (Try) New Things!

This new year is bringing SoOoOoOo many locals to the surface to showcase their talents. You certainly do NOT want to miss out! Now, I know some of these are not technically brand new in 2019, but they are still great and worth checking out! While you are out visiting all of these new and “new to you” establishments, if you see something you love, make sure to let us know! We are in the business of giving locals the attention and exposure they deserve! If you have a new favorite and I forgot to mention it, please leave a comment and I will be sure to: 1. add it to the list, and 2. visit your new local fave!

New(-ish) local businesses to support in 2019!
(listed in no particular order)

ROAM is a brand new cafe/bar/restaurant/coffee shop and motorcycle garage, ALL IN ONE! ROAM is certainly going to be recognized for its unique atmosphere, creative drink menu and mouth-watering dinner menu! I highly, highly recommend checking out this new local business!

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Cheesy Cow Mac & Cheesery- 
Cheesy Cow Mac & Cheesery is definitely the place to be if you are looking to enjoy a “quick, freshly prepared, and satisfying meal in a bright, fun, refreshing atmosphere.” Now, I know that Cheesy Cow isn’t brand new to 2019, but many QC residents have not had the opportunity to try it. So don’t be one of those people, go check it out!

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Zen Box-
The Zen Box is a local yoga studio. It’s not just your average studio, however. According to the website, The Zen Box is dedicated to improving total health, well-being, quality of life, and building community. Their programs and services enhance fitness, uplift hearts, deepen spiritual connection, and foster positive change. They offer a variety of yoga styles to yoga enthusiasts of all experience levels.

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392 Caffe-
392 Caffe is a brand new (to the QC) coffee shop! According to their website, they “strive to Extract Greatness out of fresh ingredients; turning every visit into a memorable, sensory experience. [Their] goal is to enlighten your mind and palate through education and mind-blowing Deliciousness.” You will love the unique atmosphere paired with the best coffee around! Even if you have yet to visit this trendy location, I’m sure you’ve heard some of the hype about their creative wall art or at least seen it on Instagram. Not sure what I’m talking about? Looks like you’re taking a visit to 392 Caffe to see for yourself!

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

Oakie’s Designs-
Oakie’s Designs is a small, local, primarily online business focused on helping you accessorize your fur baby in the cutest, safest way possible! Oakie’s Designs create over-the-collar bandanas that are sure to stay on your pet as long as their collar is secure! This eliminates the fear of tying on a classic bandana too tight or too loose! Oakies’ Designs carry many creative patterns in a quality fabric that is said to hold up well to even to the pups who like to play “ruff!” They also do vinyl applications for mugs, glasses, tumblers, etc.. Definitely check them out and order some bandanas for your stylish pets!

Website  |  Facebook  |  Instagram

This list is definitely not exhaustive and is meant to be added to! With that being said, please drop in the comments with your favorite local establishments to support in this new year and I will be sure to add them!

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