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Smith Family Olde Country Market

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When did you open your business?
It all started in 1993 when I was pregnant with my oldest child. I combined my Dad’s homemade carmex recipe and my Grandma’s old-fashioned healing salve recipe and added my own personal touch to make a “belly balm”. Originally, I simply wanted to avoid some stretchmarks, but I really loved the way it made my skin look and feel, and I quickly realized it could be a “home remedy” for several other purposes. So I started packaging them in small 4oz. jelly jars, topped them with a square piece of fabric, tied a ribbon around them and gave them as “gifts” to family, friends and neighbors. {This is the main reason why I top our mason jar candles the way that I do, it is an ode to the way I packaged our first product.} Well, it wasn’t long before people started asking to “buy” my salve. To this day, I still use the same recipe, it is now known as our, “Multi-Purpose Salve”. So a few years later in 1996 when I was pregnant with my second child, I began making my own candles and bath & body products and a few years later after baby #3, as a newly single mom, I started selling my products to help bring in some extra income. Fast forward another 8 years, I met my husband Bill, and now my dream has become “our dream”.

What is your business all about?
Our business is ALL ABOUT FAMILY. We are a husband & wife team….however our kids and our oldest granddaughter {who will turn 7 next month} also like to help us make & sell our products as well. I have been a Chandler for 23 years and I have taught my husband the fine art of making candles as well. We make rustic old fashioned hand-poured 100% soy wax mason jar candles & melts without dyes or whitening chemicals. We make Vegan-Friendly Bath & Body products, {i.e. lotions, body butters, room/body sprays, lip balms, multi-purpose salve, multi-purpose cream, Natural Man Pomade, Mommy & Baby Balm, body scrubs, etc.} also without dyes or whitening chemicals. We sell flavored coffees & teas {and accessories} as well as Farmhouse-style home decor, pillows, blankets, wall art, etc.

What is one thing you want to make sure locals know about your business?
We enjoy making great-quality products and selling them at affordable prices. My favorite thing about what I do is making people happy with our products.

What is your favorite part about being a part of The Market?
First, when I was a little girl, I loved when we would drive past the Scottish Rite Cathedral. I thought it was a Princess Castle. That building has been closed to the general public for most of my life. The first time I got to go inside was when our Church {Moline Gospel Temple} started hosting their Christmas play there. {The Gospel According to Scrooge} It wasn’t anything like I expected inside….lol….but it is still a very magical building for me. So I am delighted that I get to sell my products at my beloved castle. Second, I absolutely LOVE being a part of THE Market “Family”. I have never been surrounded by so many uplifting, positive and encouraging people who truly want to see you succeed and help you succeed. I have never been a part of anything so POSITIVE before.

What is your favorite part about being located in the Quad Cities?
We primarily sell our products up north in Elizabeth, IL & Galena, IL. {as well as several larger hand-crafter events throughout the year} For the last few years, we have been searching for a location to sell our products here in the QC for our local family, friends & customers. So THE Market is truly an answer to our prayers.

Who are the individuals who will benefit most from your products/services?
Anyone who enjoys handmade bath & body products without all of the harsh chemicals. People with sensitive skin. {*we also make a whole line of unscented bath & body products as well} We also enjoy buying/selling “family inspired” home decor {for all ages} for those who love the “farmhouse-style” just as much as we do.

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