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Made by Aubry

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When did you open your business?
September 2018

What is your business all about?
I hand-craft bows, headbands, clips, and other items for little ones. I take custom orders and I “release” items depending on seasons and holidays.

What is one thing you want to make sure locals know about your business?
I thoroughly enjoy making accessories for your little ones to wear! It is so fun for me to see photos or see kiddos out and about wearing the things I’ve made. I am so glad I get to share my love for crafting bows, headbands, and much more with the community!

What is your favorite part about being a part of The Market?
The group of people I get to share this experience with is wonderful. Katie is just amazing and is always trying to better THE Market. She put herself out there so much with this place and it has paid off. I also love to see how much my little side business has grown since being a part of THE Market. It’s truly astounding!

What is your favorite part about being in the Quad Cities?
I lived in the Quad Cities for 4 years in college and then 5 years teaching at (shout out) Thomas Jefferson School in Milan. I loved the QCA while I was here and still do. I get to come back with my family now and we visit very often. I am so glad I get to share my products with a place I called home for so long. There is always something to do, see, or participate in while also being a close community. It’s great!

Who are the individuals who will benefit most from your products/services??
My products are mostly for mothers and babies/children newborn and up

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