Local Up and Coming Developments

There is a lot going on in our Quad Cities right now and sometimes it’s hard to keep up!
Lucky for you guys, we have a few updates!

First, the old Happy Joe’s Pizza Grille on River Drive in Moline. We all know it has been closed for a while now, so is there a new restaurant coming in?

The answer to that is- YES
AND, believe it or not, it is supposed to be opening in the next couple of weeks!

The space is being moved into by a Mexican restaurant, Uncle Julio’s!
(same owner as El Patron in Rock Island)

Galena Brewing Company is expanding to the Quad Cities!

Their plan is to open an Ale House in Moline. You can expect to see this location at the old Ducky’s Formal Wear store.

While there are “Coming Soon” signs on the door, Galena Brewing Company made an announcement this week that they plan to open mid to late March!

What is going on at the intersection of Devils Glen & Middle Rd, Bettendorf?
WQAD investigated and found that a local dentist owns the development.

This dentist wouldn’t reveal any details about plans except the fact that it will be a strip mall.

He also said to stay tuned because he will be sharing more info in about a month! So we will be patiently waiting for that.

Garfield School Apartments. Garfield school is being converted to a living space! It is receiving renovations and a 3 story addition!

The leasing process has already begun for senior living and they are shooting to have residents start moving in late March to early April!

These are the updates we have right now! If there is anything you would like us to add, please reach out in the comments or shoot us an email!

Source: WQAD.com

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