Inclement Weather Affecting Local Business Sales

We all know how cold it has been lately! Many of us not leaving the house any more than we absolutely have to. Unfortunately, this is causing our favorite local establishments to take a hit. With a lack of customers, it is getting hard to keep their doors open. These businesses expect the winter season to be a slow-sales season, but maybe not a no-sales season! With the severe weather and all of the winter advisories we have gotten in the area, it is understandable that they are even slower than expected!

Thankfully, the temps seem to be on a slow rise. It’s obviously not warm out by any means, but positive numbers are an improvement!

We have a wonderful opportunity to support these local businesses while FINALLY getting out of the house to enjoy our wonderful Quad Cities!

Let us know how you plan to give back and support our community as the weather begins to improve! For any inspiration, check out a list of a few of our favorite boutiques!

If you have any suggestions, drop them in the comments! We would love to see them!

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